About Me

Hello there – my name is Greg and it must be painstakingly obvious if you’ve glanced through my site that I love books. I have actually always been a bibliophile, and normally end up reading a couple of books a week, although at times, I have actually read through publications in less than a day if I’ve had enough time. I work for an accounting firm and when I’m not, you will almost always find me reading.

A good friend of mine recommended that I should review all the books I read, so I thought a good way to do that was to start this blog which began in January 2009. The idea initially had actually been to review some of the books in the many piles of publications that I currently own but I have actually been very fortunate over the last couple of years to have received books from the actual authors! As well as publishing the critique on my blog site, you will also find the same review on Amazon.

I do not make money from these reviews I do, the blog is driven solely by my passion for reading. Although I am not presently in a position to take on anymore books to review at the moment, I do have some fabulous book reviewer friends now who I could consult with to see if they would be interested, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have some interesting type.

Happy reading!